About Bundle

Our Story

The Inception of New Age Digital Engineering

Bundle started in 2019 with the aim to create excellent digital products and deliver exceptional client services. We were tired of the “old ways” of working and noted outdated, business-oriented ideologies that resulted in:

  1. Inconsistency in delivering on promises
  2. Failure to treat employees fairly
  3. A lack of access to experts who could drive real impact

We're moving forward to bring integrity and honesty back to digital engineering.


Core Values

You Drive Us To Be Better

Serve With Passion

We love what we do at Bundle. Helping organizations solve their toughest digital challenges drives us to perform better everyday. Whether it be learning a new skill, solving an unsolved problem, or jumping in to help our clients, we do it with passion. This is a part of the Bundle difference.

Create An Experience

More than the software business, we are in the business of serving our clients. We love to see our products improving the lives of those around us and transforming the organizations we partner with. Whether creating a product from scratch, improving upon a current design, or transforming and modernizing your tech stack, we will operate with curiosity and strive for excellence. Regardless of the challenge. We’ll solve it together.

Be Process Oriented

Our journey together will hold as much value as the destination. We identify the current state and the future state at the beginning of each project, along with goals along the way. Agile methodology paves the path, while the journey is documented through benchmarks, testing, and sprints.